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Author: Susanna Salo

ISBN 978-952-7204-27-6

Softcover, 188 pages.
Salakirjat, 2018

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Mythologia Fennica Tarot - BOOK

Mythologia Fennica Tarot - BOOK

Mythologia Fennica Tarot is a representation of Finnish mythology in a new form. It contains a wide range of mythological beings, deities, nature spirits, events of Finnish national epic Kalevala and aspects of traditional Finnish world view. It also contains shamanistic themes and beliefs of other Finno-Ugric peoples.

Finnish mythology is rooted in nature. Mythologia Fennica Tarot contains the traditional 78 cards, but is divided into the four classical elements of nature instead of suits.

Traditional wisdom is strongly present in the cards. Mythological events match contemporary life on a symbolic level, and can be used as a method of problem solving and a source of new resources.

This book contains thorough explanations for each of the cards and their different uses, and is itself a comprehensive guide of Finnish folklore and mythology.