Mervi Pasanen
Saara Nironen
Nanna Tuovinen

Softcover, 108 pages

ISBN, 978-952-5774-76-4
Salakirjat, 2014

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Saffron, Eggs and Almond Milk - The Medievalist's Cook Book

Saffron, Eggs and Almond Milk - The Medievalist's Cook Book

“Add a pinch of saffron” is a quote you often find in medieval recipes. But how much is a pinch – more than a smidgen, less than a dash? Traditionally, a pinch is the amount you can take between three fingertips: thumb, index finger and middle finger.

Medieval cookbooks don’t mention weights, volumes, cooking times or temperatures. That is why Saffron, Eggs and Almond Milk was written: delicious recipes have been cooked, calculated and measured. This is a cookbook by experienced amateur medievalists for anyone who wants to have a bite of history. And maybe even more bites? By trying out the recipes yourself you will see the food in the Middle Ages was well prepared and savoury, sometimes surprising when it comes to taste or ways of preparation. The divine cheese and egg soup is a dish that will not wait for the diner – the diner waits for the soup. Pie of Paris has meat cooked in red wine and broth. Pork in a golden sauce fondles your sense of taste in a whole new way.

Recipes included:

Almond milk
Fine spice mixture
Strong spice mixture


Vegetable soup
Onion ale soup
Cheese and egg soup
Pumpkin soup
Mushroom pies
Small meat pies
Smoked salmon pies
Pie of Paris
Brie tart
Scrambled eggs with herbs and cheese
Mushrooms with garlic
Fried cheese
Onion omelette
Two-coloured cheese
Mussels in white wine
Fava beans with fruits and spices
Eggplant rolls
Asparagus with saffron
Stuffed eggs
Salad with wine vinegar sauce
Carrot salad
Dragon eyes
Onion salad

Main dishes

Pork rolls
Cabbage stew for meat days
Ravioli for non-lenten times
Spiced meat stew
Lamb and pork stew
Rice porridge
Chicken with sage sauce
Chicken in ale sauce
Boiled fish
Walnut sauce
Pea mush
Blancmange – white dish
Lentil stew with herbs
Pork in a golden sauce
Red cabbage stew
Lentil purée
Chicken with sage and pine nuts
Sweet and sour fish
Fish with nut and herb sauce
Fish with oranges
Turnip mush with meat
Carrot purée
Chicken and pear stew
Pork in red wine sauce
Chicken in almond sauce
Prune sauce
Garlic sauce
Mustard from Lombardy
Lemon sauce


Excellent small cakes
Peaches in white wine
Baker’s prayer
Fried apples
Orange omelette
Pears in wine syrup
Fig paste
Apple pudding
Deep fried fruit pies
Saffron buns
July custard pie
Medieval French toasts

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