The largest collection of Finnish folk magic ever assembled

First published in 1880.

Illustrated with woodcuts by Akseli Gallen-Kallela.

Edited by Elias Lönnrot.
Translated by John Abercromby.

ISBN 978-952-5774-20-7.
Hardcover, 232 pages.
Salakirjat, 2011.

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The Magic Songs of the Finns

The Magic Songs of the Finns

Since time immemorial the Finns have used incantations, or Magic Songs. It’s unknown when or how this tradition of magic first came to be, but already in pre-historical times they were widely used in all areas of life.

The 639 spells and charms contained in this book were collected in the 19th century from the rural areas of Finland and Karelia, shortly after which this old esoteric tradition became extinct.

♣ The book has a hundred woodcuts designed by Akseli Gallen-Kallela, a turn-of-the-century artist famous for his illustrations of Finnish folklore.

♣ We have also used typefaces and ornaments designed by William Morris for the book.

♣ The book is bound in quality artificial leather and decorated with foil stamping and blind embossing.

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