Tomi Kiljunen
Jykä Varpio

Graphic design:
Risto-Matti Salo

Tiitus Halonen Photography

Hardcover, 112 pages
Salakirjat, 2015

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Absintti - Kirottujen humalatar

Absintti - Kirottujen humalatar

The word 'absinthe' has a sinister echo to it. This strong apéritif which is also known as the Green Fairy was banned in many countries in the beginning of twentieth century because of its assumed toxicity. Before the ban absinthe managed to inspire many artists.

Absintti – Kirottujen Humalatar introduces Finnish translations of absinthe-inspired poetry and prose from Europe, Scandinavia and America. In addition to the translations, the book is decorated with beautiful graphics and photographs.

After the removal of the ban absinthe is once again a current and an interesting drink, so it is a time for a green hour again!